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Surf Shop Door Back on the Beach Brush House Random House
"Surf Shop Door"
Acrylic/Canvas     24"x24"
"Back on the Beach"
Acrylic/Wood     35" x 40"
"Brush House"
Mixed Media     11" x 12.5" x 7"
"Random House"
Mixed Media     10.5" x 11" x 8"
Santa Monica Radiator Circle your Wagons Dutton's Bookstore
"Santa Monica Radiator"
Acrylic/Wood     22" x 30"
"Circle Your Wagons"
Mixed Media    Circular 20" diameter x 8" high
"Dutton's Bookstore"
Acrylic/Wood     21" x 34"

Horizons West Surf Shop Zucky's On Montana
"Horizon West Surf Shop"
Acrylic/Wood     15"x33"
Acrylic/Wood     30" x 15"
"On Montana"
Acrylic/Wood     22" x 40"

Paddy Wagon After The Rain Freeway Group
"Paddy Wagon"
Acrylic/Canvas     34"x30"
"After The Rain"
Acrylic/Canvas     40" x 60"
Freeway Series
Acrylic/Wood    Each Panel     40" x 13"

Chicken Car Busy Bee Hardware Country Mart
"Chicken Car"
Acrylic/Wood     13.5"x36"
"Busy Bee"
Acrylic/Canvas    18"x18"
"Country Mart"
Oil/Canvas    18"x36"
Chez Jay Father's Office Early On
"Chez Jay"
Acrylic/Canvas     30"x20"
"Father's Office"
Acrylic/Canvas     36"x24"
"Early On"
Acrylic/Canvas    Each 12"x12"
Patrick's Roadhouse Along Santa Monica Boulevard Aero Theatre
"Patrick's Roadhouse"
Acrylic/Canvas     24"x36"
"Along Santa Monica Blvd"
Acrylic/Wood    9.5"x23"
"Aero Theatre"
Acrylic/Canvas    36"x36"
Along Santa Monica Boulevard
"Poles Apart"
Acrylic/Canvas    36"x24"

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